Race is HERE

I am 22 days past my last post…..no dice. Alright, here’s what has been up since my 3 x 1 mile track workout on January 8th. I was battling those stupid blisters from my 12 miler on January 5th for most of the runs and snowboarding weekends below. Guess what I learned….tie your shoes tighter. Ok, I am guilty of never untying and retying my shoes…I just slip my feet in and out….maybe I just don’t want to touch the sweatiness that is my running shoes. Anyways…after far more miles than should be on a single pair of running shoes…they stretched out enough to give too much wiggle room for my 4th and 5th toes. Resulting in some nasty blisters that didn’t get to breathe and heal….instead stayed meticulously wrapped in gauze and athletic tape for the better part of 3 weeks…and got worse during my 13 mile run. Sorry feet. I changed my shoes, and have been tying and untying them 🙂 You’re welcome toes. (After re-reading this paragraph, all I have to say is: TMI)
January 9th: I ran 5 miles on very tired legs early before work.
January 11th: I left for Mammoth to snowboard for the weekend = altitude training… no running HA
January 15th: 45 minute tempo run…which was after a game of softball. I set out on the streets of Irvine…sounds exciting, really a residential safety zone…and was running with purpose…a.k.a. I felt like I was running fast. I was doing great, and then the railroad crossing gate came down, a train passed, I took a picture, and my phone died….so the last 5 minutes I missed out on my runkeeper app. telling me of my awesome pace. So instead I have a record of 40:16 time and 4.66 miles…but tack another 5 minutes onto that and I think I drilled out a good tempo run!
January 16th: 5 miles, 47:10
January 19th: Snowboarding in Big Bear, where I spent much of the day standing on my toe edge….instructing a fabulous first timer *D*; and resulted in very sore quads and calves..great for LR next day….
January 20th: 13 miles with Maxine! Maxine to the rescue. And she got to experience first hand my weirdo fuzzy head symptoms that took me from feeling fine and chugging along to dragging my feet, head down, unable to smile and keep conversation :/ She suggests looking at my potassium intake. 2:08:08 (doesn’t look good for a PR half this weekend….I gave up on my goal. Well, more like got realistic with my goal….my nutrition isn’t where it should be, and I can’t drill out a great race with less than fabulous eating habits)
January 24th: 6 miles in BRAND NEW SHOES; ok, same as my old running shoes, but you would never know it, they are so clean and not stretched out in weird shapes from my feet pounding in them. Claire and I ran in San Diego one afternoon instead of attending programming for the conference we were at. We ran along the water, sharing race and training stories, it was like old times and a great way to enjoy a different city!
Now the fun begins: 10 x 400s at 7:24 pace with 200m running between…this run rocked! I did it on a treadmill before jumping in the car to drive up to Big Bear Friday night. I was so excited I texted Margot instantly….I thought she would share in my excited running feat. So my speed workouts seem to be progressing each week…but I’m falling back into long slow distance for my long runs…..Margot suggested tempo runs around 8:30…..so thinking during not just the speed workouts, but putting a little more concentration into the tempo runs, instead of just “feeling uncomfortable”
Last weekend I headed back to Big Bear for Natalie’s birthday, so skipped the shorter weekend run (it’s been a trend all along) but ran 5.15 miles Sunday…man my heart was pounding and my legs did NOT want to move after speed workout Friday night, snowboarding Saturday day. But glad I enjoyed some crisp air and running at 7400ft elevation.
I am already behind in my running this week. Gladly took a rest day Monday….I had a big enough adrenaline rush Monday day. Many of you heard, there was a shooting in the building I work in. It is still quite surreal. I luckily didn’t hear or see anything directly related to the incident…but was evacuated quickly out of the building, and spent a tense 2 hours keeping my ears fine tuned and my eyes darting around the building. I have to say every one acted appropriately in the emergency and thank goodness my patient at the time was cool, calm, and collected; ‘cus he kept my mind and attention off the buzzing rumors and instead we tried to divert our attention to talking about snowboarding, family, and him getting back on the mountain! So as I drove away from the building, I felt lucky, confused, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, and a little lost. So some time on the couch with some chocolate happened.
My coworker called Monday night to see how I was doing, I wasn’t really in the mood to chat, so let voicemail pick it up; she said “knowing you, you are probably out working out to get the stress dealt with”….which is what I should have been doing. I ended up with some insomnia that night….I think a workout would have gotten my anxious energy out and would have let my mind hash through the day’s events….but sometimes…you don’t put forth the mental drive to do what you know is physically best. ugh. Luckily my friend made dinner, so my couple hours are the couch with confused thoughts were limited. I got to jump back into my lucky life and enjoy ceviche and The Biggest Loser…I am finally caught up! And ate through 2 ENTIRE shows…..so bad, but soooo good!
So tonight, after being frustrated at work by a less than cohesive working meeting about billing nonsense I was motivated to run….get out the frustration from today, confusion from Monday, and start getting my head in the game for Sunday. I hit the treadmill for a 30 min. tempo run. Set the dial to 9:33 for a half mile warm up, then pumped to 8:27 for 30 minutes; returned to 9:33 for a half mile cool down…and felt satisfied. 8:27 felt fine on the treadmill. But I think things are easier on the treadmill…boring, but easier; you just have to keep up. Overground you have to push to keep the pace….on a treadmill there is less thinking.
So now I’m winding down until Sunday. Going to get myself out of bed early tomorrow for an easy 4 mile run, then hit the ground running for a private patient, full work day, and then a HOCKEY GAME! I can’t remember the last hockey game I was at…..and am beyond excited to go up to LA tomorrow and enjoy a sports outing! Friday I’m going to aim for 3 miles, saturday 2 miles just to shake out the legs, and then Sunday is race day, 13.1. It’s going to be a solo run…..my Uncle cancelled his race…..it’s getting kind of lonely running races by myself. :/ But I guess that’s what it’s like for an endurance runner who trains alone and who’s friends mostly think I’m crazy. My goal for the run: drink water, take my gu, take my electrolyte pills, and keep my head clear…I’d like to sit below a 9:20 pace. Every long run this training cycle has been done during a jam packed weekend or when I’m exhausted. So I am aiming to sleep and rest up….have been doing a good job of not over-scheduling myself this week….and so fresher legs and rested body hopefully will make this race faster than my long runs in training. But I hang my hat more on training runs predict race day run. Eh…blah blah, we’ll see how it goes. But I’ll be happily sitting on a couch watching the Super Bowl, drinking beer and eating junk food the rest of the day.
Oh yea, then marathon training starts……..get. excited.


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I'm a do-er, who was advised to work on "be-ing". Although blogging is "doing", it also requires me to sit and "be". I used to write, and was told I did it well for a middle and high school-er, so it has been a while; but hopefully I can ponder, spout, spat, and let my spirit explore. I'm an adrenaline junky who identifies my "me time" (as my running; the more time I need, the more miles I run. ) Edit....Delete previous segment....I used to identify "me time" as "run time". Now...I bike, swim, yoga, hike, circuit train, jog, curl, and whatever sport someone brings up to do. A non-specific sport, it has been weird. But has been refreshing and eye opening. This blog is now going to take a new direction....Nepal. Enjoy the trek!
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  1. Maxine Sweeney says:

    Keep up the excellent training and good luck at Surf City!

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